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12 days till xmas

Have u gotten your brand out there. With a little as penny’s on the dollar you can have a page on my website. Reach out to me @myawesomelife2020

1925 park St.
Findlay, Ohio 45840
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Year 2021 is just about over.

As the year ends I’m left to think why haven’t I done more. That being said’ where is it you want to be in the new 2022? Has for I, I would like to see some new designs on my site maybe some small links to new and upcoming businesses. As I would like to see some support and help along the way from my family. I also want to thank my family for all the support and their understanding. I love them all.

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Snow plow for hire.
Is where people can advertise there small business.
This one is for a young man in the Handcock county that has his own plow and is looking for work ever winter. If u like to have his service you can reach out to me at

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Advertising online

Sorry for the lack of content on my website. As it is not easy to work 40 plus hours and care for your love ones. Then try and learn how to design your own website. So please bear with me a this may take some time for me to get this done and done with my own kind of style.